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Shya L'amour

You can almost taste the velveteen vocals of rap starlet Shya L'amour. With a Neapolitan-flavored style that blends rugged hip-hop lyrics layered with R&B-tinged sophistication, pop appeal and the electronic energy of freestyle, this Puerto Rican praline has quickly become one of the most dynamic emerging talents in popular urban music.


Developing a diehard online fan base by releasing freestyles and flossy, high definition YouTube music videos garnering views in the hundred-thousands, Shya L'amour is crafting her own musical lane with a look, sound and attitude that is all her own. She went viral when bloggers reposted her Nicki Minaj Barbie Dreams remix then again after her Lauryn Hill, Doo Wop remix was reposted on The Shade Room’s Instagram page and quickly received over 1 million views. Shya L’amour plans to continue breaking the internet with her single “On Go”, the official video, as well as yet-untitled forthcoming EP.


“I come from an honest standpoint in my music,” she says. “As I’m growing as a person, my music is growing too. I went from posting my music to social media to getting booked all over my home state of Florida, Atlanta, New Orleans, Phoenix, London, Turks & Caicos and Bahamas. It can only get better” Shya L’amour admits.


Born in Tampa and currently spends time between Atlanta and Tampa, Shya L’amour knew that music would play some major role in her life by the time she was 12 years old. As a tween, she would download music from popular file sharing websites and then slow the music down to create her own remixes. She would then burn the new songs to CDs and distribute them to her friends.


It wouldn’t be until years later that she would embark on her next role in the music-making process. At only 16 years old, Shya L’amour and two friends rented a house together. The rental agreement was in the name of an older, 18-year-old friend who didn’t even live there. Added to that, the realty company allowed Shya L’amour to sign on the lease.


“I wasn’t even an adult,” she laughs. “It used to be the spot. It wasn’t necessarily a party. We were just hanging out and having fun. We were young.”


While hanging out and having fun, Shya L’amour began videotaping rap battles that her friends would have almost every night. That was when she became hypnotized by the lyrics in rap music.


First, she started off writing her own lyrics. Then, before she knew it, Shya L’amour had built her own makeshift homemade studio and began recording her vocals over industry beats. “I was recording myself in a closet at home when I first started,” she admits. “I had a mic set up, plugged straight to the computer… I fell in love with the process of creating music.”


She posted her music to social networks and got more positive feedback than she had imagined. Knowing that she had to further cultivate her talents, she invested in studio time at Lava Sound 

Studios in Tampa, where she recorded her first hit single “Hold It Down”. After posting the accompanying video to the song on YouTube, she became an overnight sensation.


Since then, she has released a slew of smoking hot singles such as her follow-up single and video “Dat Bitch,” “Mad At Me” and “Lookin A Pickle” featuring Tampa legend Rated R. She also appeared on Tampa’s Team Fetti mixtape Power In Numbers with Tom.G and affiliated rapper Smoke from trailblazing Southern rap duo Field Mob.


More recent releases include Stand Your Ground, Paper Baby and Freeze Up.

Now, with her current single “On Go” as well as her C’est La Vie mixtape presented by Atlanta’s Streetz 94.5FM radio host Ferrari Simmons, Shya L'amour is set to cement her space in Hip Hop history.

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